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So, who’s we?

We are dedicated non-traditional parents actively seeking the tools, knowledge and community and support we deserve and need to thrive.

We are dads.

We are single dads, working dads we are stay-at-homes, step dads, divorced, married, re-married, blended, military, religious, atheist, gay or straight dads. Above all, we are caring and nurturing fathers who continually value and seek improvement for ourselves and other parents who face their own struggles. We seek to find balance between our patriarchal roles as strong men and nurturing fathers.

We are caring fathers who put our families first

Want more?

At our core – The mission of We RAD DADS

Where did We RAD DADS come from?

We Rad Dads is a concept that was conceived during that very challenging time in my life. Somehow among this strife I knew I wasn’t alone. There HAD to be others who were attempting to navigate this harsh void. Like many before me I  internalized this strife and withdrew in order to process what was going on. Those who; like me, were afraid to reach out for help for fear of being perceived as; or labeled, “weak”.

Have you ever thought:

If you knew what I had gone through, what I’m still going through, you would know that I am not weak but a warrior and possess a forged strength you cannot imagine.”

I have…

I vowed to find a way to connect with and help others find a path when faced with seemingly overwhelming hardships. Life isn’t fair, if you’re reading this you already know that.

Life isn’t fair but you already knew that

Through my own reflection, processing, circumstances, trial and error, study, seeking inspiration and mentors I discovered that you can find a way out of that place if you cast aside doubt, ego and preconceived social pressures. I found the answers lie within but in order to find them you must do two things: learn and change.

The clock has already started. What’s holding you back from beginning the process of finding the life you deserve? The answer: YOU.

You’ll never finish if you don’t start.

“Change is the only constant in this world.” -Heraclitus

 Why a Podcast?

This is one of the most prominent questions I field on a regular basis and the answer is very simple: Podcasts are the BEST way to reach RAD DADS who have REAL problems and continue to seek answers. Despite not finding the answers in my physical queue of friends, I dove into a resource that allowed me to consume information on my schedule, to my liking, which met my needs in a quiet unassuming way that allowed me to maintain my outward appearance of strength. Podcasts allowed me to consume information in an unsuspecting manner, quietly learning and improving so as not to be seen as “weak” or “broken”.  I couldn’t bear the thought of another failed attempt to reach out to someone in my life and have them judge me. Often it is our ego as men which keeps us from getting the resources we need.

Bar none, Podcast are THE best way you can acquire knowledge discreetly.

A podcast is a wonderful thing. It is an on-demand informational program that conforms to the spare time in your life. You are not tethered to a computer, Wi-Fi signal or even a wireless network. It’s truly an on-demand limitless knowledge database.

Now, you may wonder what that word “spare” means, especially since you’re a parent. I’m talking about those moments you needlessly waste time (oh yes, even though you don’t notice it still happens.) Times like your morning commute, gym time, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry or even while engaged in a menial task at work. Podcasts are an excellent multitasking tool for acquiring knowledge and gaining perspective.

A valuable multitasking tool

The value I share should be second to none considering the omnipresent resource which is literally at your fingertips. There is no sales pitch- the entirety of We Rad Dads podcast is entirely free of charge. I urge you to join us and see what we’re all about. In a world selling you quick solutions, I challenge you to find a better value for a better cause- your family and your personal well-being. I think that’s worth a listen in your spare time, Don’t you?

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Keep fighting the good fight.

Stay Up, Stay Connected & Stay RAD DADS!

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