Episode 42 – Being a better man with Alf Herigstad


i-am-my-deeds-2-2Alf Herigstad is a lifelong entrepreneur in four different industries; Construction, fitness, transportation, real estate, and now…as host of the Being A Better Man podcast.  He a former boxer, a Veteran of the Army, a farmer, a reality TV personality in Norway, a father of three and grandfather of nine.  All of his life experience has culminated into a driving passion to now share the things he has learned with the rest of the world, particularly with other men.  His message; be a better man today, than you were yesterday….and then keep doing that every day until you die.

Alf is the founder of the “Being a better man” podcast, wherein Alf doles out life experience and first-hand accounts of wisdom and lessons learned the hard way.

Alf has and continues to make a life doing what he wants. He is most notably a RAD DAD for his decisions to become a stable foundation for his children.  When it came to changing careers Alf led boldly. Alf is a shining example to all; having the courage to constantly  be growing and changing.

I’m amazed ad encouraged by the depth and breadth of character Alf embodies and you’ll have to permit me to delve into our conversation because I was enthralled by our chat. So much so that I’ve decided to make it our first two-part conversation.

Join us as we talk about everything that makes Alf an amazing pillar of manhood. He is the voice of both reason and experience.

Part I:

Facing your fears
Electric fence man
Learning the lesson for yourself
Listening to parents
Norwegian reality
Finding roots & love
Mistake: Being in a hurry to reestablish “family”
What is Mead?
The Kilt

“Life happens to everybody”

Bomb: Divorce
Felt like failure as a man due to inability to care for and provide safety for children.

“I was just a paycheck”

Gave away business for kids.
A letter from a child.
Legacy, Consistency & Respect

Part II”

“Live an exemplary life”


“I am my deeds, I am responsible for the things I do.”

Superpower: laughter
Weakness: lack of (verbal) communication.
Acknowledgement of deficit

Alf decodes women logic
Bucket list: Norway with Dad.
“When you’re young you are your father’s son, but when you grow up you are his friend.”
Cornerstone trait: Honesty
The importance of communication
Putting the pieces together

“The things we focus on expand”


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