Episode 55 – Creating your own legacy with Andy Nelson

Listen in as we unpack Andy’s journey and unleash some wisdom and resources in the process. His insights are well suited for anyone looking for positive transformation however I’m sure you RAD DADS out there can resonate in a way only non-traditional fathers can. It’s time to live your legacy!

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Talking points:


Recently finalized divorced

“If nothing else I’m focused on being best dad”

Repairing relationship with own parents

Pendulum swing

67 Cadillac sedan

“Don’t let the expectations rule your actions”

Is it happening to you or for you?

Processing emotions instead of reacting

Find and enact a calming practice

vulnerable communication moment

Adaptation by children – accepted well

Taking ownership – first step into personal development

Book: Daring greatly – Burnee Brown

Parent super power – making children laugh/ cheer up

Worst skill: Binary patience – either 1 or 0

Cornerstone trait: Confidence/ resourcefulness

“If you want to, you can”

Bucket list: Outreach and help children with absentee fathers

Create your own legacy, get involved

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