Bonus – 04/03/2017: The non-episode

Alright gents here it is as succinctly as possible.

First however, I’d like to thank you once again for tuning in this week. Change is upon all of us and I hope I’ve brought you the conversations and tactics which enable you to utilize self-control and detach from your own inner critic. There was a time not long ago I would not have been able to handle my circumstance. I’m glad that man is no longer who I am- I hope you all can say the same.


WRD 030: Pain Drives Change with Damon Stoddard

AOC 603 with Jason Silva

SOG 448 with Steven Kolter

KFM 351 with Bill Eckstrom

WRD 038 with Matt Cochran

WRD 023 with Cameron Bahan

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