Blacksmith forging hot metal on anvil

Forging Brotherhood

“The hotter the fire, the harder the steel”

Brotherhood is a precious and dwindling resource. It is a close partnership tempered in the flames of uncertainty, melded by shared struggle, shaped by our undeniable will and cast by knowledge; thus producing great strength.

We Rad Dads forges this brotherhood by featuring Dads and family professionals who speak openly about their experiences in a way which provides both entertainment and insight. It is through these lessons that we gain the necessary wisdom & motivation to overcome mountainous obstacles standing in our way.

We Rad Dads seeks to create a modern day man-tribe; a band of warriors with shared respect, admiration and support of one another. We aim to conquer the confusion and hopelessness which often comes with drastic and sudden change.

We quest for a better life. Won’t you join us?


 “QUIT” is a four-letter word.


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