Episode 23 – Still daddy with Cameron Bahan

The dude abides…

Hoot TwitterPlease help me welcome Cameron Bahan of stilldaddy.net. Cameron is a Florida based recently divorced single father of two. He’s a software developer by day and blogger by night at stilldaddy.net. He has recently been through the meat grinder and like me, has had a very difficult 2015. Listen to Cameron and I talk about moving completely across the United States, Rambo knives, Earthquakes, Hurricane parties and the dude abides…

Cameron; like myself and many others, is in a vulnerable state and still in the unknown unsteady phase of a recently single father. Grappling with new role, identity, fears and the great unknown future. The biggest difference between Cameron and others is that he has the stones to blatantly share his story via his blog at stilldaddy.net. Go check out his material because it’s spot on and well written- but not before you listen to our conversation.

Cameron drops truth, wisdom and hope. These are the gems I have been searching for and I think you have been too.

Talking Points:

Software developer

From British Columbia to Florida

Trading Earthquakes to Hurricanes

Rambo Knife

The Dude Abides

Hitchhiking first grader

Mantra: Reaction and trying to control the uncontrollable

Bomb: Wife wanted a divorce. Felt like I had to fix it

What’s the reason?

Mistakes along the way

Paying penance for your situation

What changed?

The courts and spending time with my boys

Change the words and change the mindset

The legal system and getting what you want. Your rights

What defines us is how well we rise after we fall- Zig Ziegler

Why stilldaddy.net?

Opportunity with loss of a job.

Best dadskill: Spending time with kids, being present.

Worst dadskills: Yelling, frustrations

Bucket list: Going Skiing with boys.

Pad Parent pet peeve: Negative talk/reinforcement/motivational tactics

Cornerstone trait: Never give up!

Lessons kids taught you: to relax, good downtime.

Motivational pop culture: Movie – Swing Kids.

Stories, resources community etc.



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Parting words – just be you and life will be a lot easier.

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