Episode 54 – Acting on Opportunity with Casey Desharnais

I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Casey Desharnais this week. We covered many topics that I love to focus on.

Casey is a divorced dad who takes his parenting and leadership role seriously.  Seeing the true opportunity to become the best dad he could be; Casey charged forward determined to make the most of his circumstances. Through the meat-grinder he holds an amazing mindset and sets the standard for the rest of us.  Listen in as we discuss:

Book: Parenting through divorce

The importance of masterminds, why, who, that is the net effect.

Proactive pommunication of situation with son, & why

Self improvement AND APPLICATION

Book: My Family is Changing

Seeing the opportunity in adversity

Stay at home dad – fish out of water

Taking  care of yourself

The value in anonymity and asking vulnerable questions to trusted people

Being uncomfortable & becoming a student of that state.


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