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Cue. You. Eye. Tee.


Exhausted as I sit here and type my first blog post. My fingers have stopped working and my hands are struggling to direct these limp sausage-like knuckled appendages toward the right keystrokes. I can’t straighten my hands and extend my fingers fully without that all too familiar painful resistance of fatigue and muscle soreness. This is only a short list of the physical conditions I’m currently experiencing.

Another hated 4-letter word
Another hated 4-letter word

I’ve been pushing as hard as I possibly can for some time now. I have been pushing both physically and mentally, expanding beyond my┬ácapacity for months now. I’ve been tweaking my routine to improve efficiency and production by giving up everything that can possibly drain me in a non-productive way. Things like getting up at 4:30am, taking cold showers, giving up alcohol, working 7 days a week, giving up coffee and sugar (for lent), giving up personal relationships, giving up television altogether, trading workout time for work time, minimizing personal time to a few minutes a day, and the list goes on.

To different people, the idea of personal optimization and hard work means different things. I think we all hold ourselves to Continue reading Cue. You. Eye. Tee.