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Episode: 000 – Get to know We RAD DADS!


“ We RAD DADS provides wisdom, wellness, support and resources for non-traditional parents so they can move forward leading their families in a positive direction. “

Thank you for joining us, I’m glad you’re here!

As promised here is more depth on who we are. I would hope our Episode 000 (above)  and Manifesto (below) speaks clearly of our mission, vision and goals. Please leave your thoughts and comments below and if you found ANY value in our content PLEASE SHARE with those who might need it. Even the most skilled and adept parent; traditional or non-traditional, needs help from time to time.

As simple as black and white

Not many things in today’s world are as simple as black & white. I felt I owed you this simplistic and revealing approach. I hope you appreciate this clear communication of exactly who I am and what you can expect from We Rad Dads.

Please let me know if you share my sentiment, my values, my mission, or my integrity with regard to your situation, your sacrifices, struggles and eventual victories in your own life’s journey. I love connecting with listeners and I hope that is an ever-present theme in everything We Rad Dads has to offer.

Keep fighting the good fight.


We RAD DADS Manifesto:

The below 12 items have been identified as elements of our core mission, vision and values:
  1. We will provide the most genuine information in a consistent manner from real people with real experiences who have made real changes to better their lives for themselves and their families.
  2. Our main content will be available to the world completely FREE OF CHARGE.
  3. All content will be presented in an entertaining and enlightening manner so as to bring a soft edge to a hard topic. We vow to be inspiring, informative, positive and carry an overall message of optimism.
  4. The Intended result of WRD will be to better yourself from within thereby strengthening your parental bond with your children, improving your family unit and thriving both personally and socially.
  5. The underlying mission of WRD is to serve to enhance children’s lives by way of improving parent’s lives. Our aim is to produce emotionally intelligent, well adjusted people of all ages.
  6. All content will be valuable and speak to our audience in a way which addresses relevant struggles in our lives. It will primarily serve to benefit our audience, and through them; serve others.
  7. WRD will be a place of positive communication on any channel we offer, online, offline, personal, telephone, written or other.
  8. I will lead by example and my example will be my most valuable product.
  9. I strive to instill the values and behaviors of being intentional, humble and authentic, taking appropriate actions and doing the hard work which will lead to the best possible outcome for others.
  10. I strive to constantly communicate that “now matters” we will never have the opportunity to make an impact in this world like we do right now. “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is right now” – Chinese proverb
  11. I strive to demonstrate that children are the greatest gift ever bestowed upon you. They are your best teacher and most loyal student. Taking time to be an parent is an investment which returns proportionate to your involvement.
  12. I will stay true to these values in order to maintain integrity for myself, my family, my production and all users.

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Keep fighting the good fight.

Stay Up, Stay Connected & Stay RAD DADS!

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