066 – My Son’s Mother Cori Richter; Our story – Part 1

This is a very special episode for me, for We RAD DADS and hopefully for you as well.

This week I talk with my Son’s mom, Cori Richter.

It may sound odd to most of you however I am exceedingly pleased to finally have Cori on the show this week. This interview was one of
the first I had envisioned when starting the We RAD DADS podcast and I knew if it were to ever happen, we would have come much farther than I ever thought possible.

Join us as we talk about our own backstory and thus the origins of We RAD DADS. There’s some pretty amazing truth spoken here and even to me- it’s clear that our journey is nothing short of an incredible series of challenges which were sometimes mishandled. Luckily for us, we each had the foresight, humility, faith and eventual forgiveness to arrive as who and where we are today. This is the ONLY way we share such an amazing co-parenting experience with our entire family.

Hear both sides of the story that even I didn’t have the full story on. Learn about the good times, the bad times and all the hope, trust and eventual triumph of our family- so far. Join us for the beginnings, the breaking point and then the turning point into becoming such an awesome family- If I do say so myself.

I have a feeling that the good times are just beginning and I want the same for each and every single one of you as well.

So listen up and get to know OUR story as well as; hopefully, a turning point of your own.

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