Episode 30 – Pain Drives Change with Damon Stoddard

PainDrivesChangeDamon is a truly transformed man and an inspiring example of what you can become on the other side of your bomb crater. If you’re looking for hope amidst the beginnings of your journey, then look no further. Damon is clearly at peace and has negotiated many pitfalls to find himself currently living a better life than even he imagined but it didn’t just happen on its own. He put in the work by continuing to find and fix himself. Little by little the Damon you hear today began to emerge piece by piece as he conquered elements within and throughout. His current life is a gleaming testament to the path of this RAD DAD. book5Luckily for all of us, his story is highlighted in his (aptly titled) book “Pain Drives Change”. Learn how Damon began to face unthinkable adversity beginning at the age of 4 and at the age of 8 was completely on his own.

This episode; like many others, is an incredible window into my guest’s life. Please join us for tips, tools, and tactics that will help you become a better person, man, and dad- but that’s just the beginning.
Join us for the Seattle tech scene, Blended families, SHIKAKA!, Rubbish fires, Abandonment, Reaching out, Affirmations, Positivity, Joy, Goofy rituals; and one of my favorites, Thailand!

Talking points:

Seattle triathlon training
Pain Drives Change
Microsoft, kids & coding
Mullet, business in front, party in back
Jim Carey – Ace Ventura – Goofball/Dork
Motorcycles and wagons
rubbish fires & klepto carpenters
The bomb that fractured family
Abandonment & generational curses
Accept your pain
How could SHE?
Shame & Reaching out
It’s Okay to need help
Self-fulfilling affirmations
Add more positive
Make a plan & write it down
Pain vs. Joy
Underlying causes; treating the problem, not the symptoms
Voicing your pain
Dad Skill: Goofy & rituals
Weakness: Hyper-focus
Bucket List: Thailand

Damon Stoddard:

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