Episode 15 – Getting back to YOU with Eddie Aguilar

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Find what makes you happy
What makes YOU happy?

Eddie is the proud father of 2 young adults and continues to put them first in his life. Eddie carved a career out of wildland firefighting as a Hotshot supervisor and found a true passion for the industry. As often happens, we tend to sacrifice these things in our lives for those we care about most.

Before long Eddie found himself behind the kiosk selling cell phones and wondering if that was all life had in store for him. Unhappy and unfulfilled already Eddie’s marriage was not living up to expectations, and despite his best efforts was being dragged downward by negative reinforcement at home. In a paramount moment, Eddie found himself moments from ending the pain but his strength found footing as chose not to find the “easy way out”.

Never the quitter, Eddie finally broke free of his anchors. After his divorce, he moved back to his comfort zone and immediately regained his sense of place. Luckily during this process he was able to retain a physical presence with his children as they moved from Chicago, Il. to Flagstaff, Az. Proven to be an unsinkable spirit he is now chasing his passions in life and spreading a message of hope and help to others.

Come listen to my interview with Eddie Aguilar as he tells his story and experiences as he dishes out heaps of helpful advice.

Show Notes:

5:40 – Get to know Eddie Aguilar

9:04 – El Boz

10:14 – Major Payne

11:57 – The secret of the broken arm

13:24 – Chick flicks dude!

15:44 – It’s all in the head

17:36 – Worthless to worth

21:52 – Live your words

24:03 – Bomb: Rem. 870 Wingmaster

30:59 – Back in my element

34:08 – Too poor to be a drunk

35:35 – You can’t save everybody

40:40 – Left Behind

45:19 – Find what makes you happy

48:41 – Favorite age

50:07 – Best parenting skill

51:41 – Can’t treat 2 kids the same

52:45 – A licence to act goofy

54:40 – Lifelong learning

56:10 – Rocky

58:59 – Veterans

1:02:15 – Contact Eddie Aguilar


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