Episode 21 – Raising Men with Eric Davis

Effective leaders lead from the front

dont-be-rightEric is a 16 year veteran of the armed forces, a former member of an elite force known as Navy SEAL’s, perhaps you’ve heard of them. Eric is a commanding example of what a RAD DAD should be. As a divorced and now remarried father of 4 Eric defines leadership in a blended family. Eric has taken leadership notes from both his father and grandfather and continued the lineage of strong male figures in his family. His book, Raising Men is just hitting the shelves and is packed with leadership tactics from not only Eric himself, but many other SEAL dads. It’s locked and loaded with absolute wisdom nuggets! Listen in as we discuss family, history, psychology, behavior and of course leadership.

Eric Davis represents a new breed of operative emerging from the Special Operations community.

Author of “Raising Men – What we learned in SEAL training and taught to our sons”

As a former Navy SEAL sniper instructor, technical and physical surveillance specialist and human performance expert Eric has extracted and repurposed the proven performance principles leveraged by elite units for entrepreneurs, business leaders and parents since 2008.

Davis is the founder of ericdavis215.com an online resource focused on delivering the situational awareness, transparency and knowledge ambitious people require to live a good life and lead others to do the same.

Show Notes:


7:29 – Child soldier to SEAL, family lineage

8:51 – Come up to a level of excellence.

10:33 – Team 3 the “Desert Platoon”

11:29 – Forging Brotherhood

13:02 – Belgian Malinois, SEAL to dog trainer.

14:15 – Behavior science; dog training or kids, same same.

16:22 – Leading from the front and being the example.

18:03 – Eric the family man.

20:32 –  OCD and ADD as a tool. Embrace the monkey.

24:32 – A different breed.

27:27 – Words of motivation: If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter. Interpret your situation differently.

29:57 – BOMB: Divorce from first wife. Own failure. Be the leader.

33:37 – Recognize the fundamentals. understand the sub elements. and be in a constant practice. Put first what matters most.

36:01 – Mind map. Situation awareness.

36:08 – Don’t be right, be effective. We’re in charge of producing the situation we desire.

41:32- Good people in your life.

43:49 – Become valuable to them.

45:52 – Why Raising  Men?

50:33 – How to be; and raise, a man

51:17 – Redefining and recapturing manhood.

53:53 – Study and Train. Arm yourself with knowledge.

56:22 – Dad super power: being relevant.

“I’m not that smart, I just study a lot.”

59:38 – Patience.  (Click)

1:02:22 – SEAL Pups

1:06:08 – Confidence and Extreme Confidence

1:09:06 – Parting wisdom: A poor plan is better than no plan at all.

1:10:43 –smleaders.com

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