Episode 08 – Haley

Have you found your tribe?

 Figure out who you are at your core, find your true self and then, be yourself

Nowadays I relish getting out into the community and “mixing it up” with everyday people. Unfortunately for me, often it is only in the

The power of tribe
The power of tribe

simple trip to the store. We go to the store because we have a need for items but sometimes we find a true gem, a deal, a bonus of some kind. Today’s micro-side is a story of just that. I found more than I was looking for in a simple quick trip to the store.
It’s interesting to me how my small community is a powerful asset. I have better chances of running into someone I know. This could be good or bad (depending on your outlook). I was happy to run into Haley (not her real name). What happened next, neither of us expected but it was a powerful moment that I’d like to share with you.

“It always WAS better.”

Your life will never revert to its once clockwork-like state. Often as I reflect on the past I have recognized that my memory only focuses on the good things, and even the bad seem much more entertaining than the were at the time. It reminds me of something a friend told me once (on an unrelated topic) he said, “It always WAS better.” Meaning that your memory of events often wears rose-colored glasses. Since that is the “known” your brain accepts this as truth or a simple reference to how things are supposed to be. The unknown (The present and the future in this case) is unknown and therefore often scary inducing a fear response.

Don’t let this fear dissuade you from being your authentic self. If I have any direct advice here it’s: figure out who you are at your core, find your true self and then, be yourself. The more adept you are at change the better your life will be.

As with that, isn’t it about time you found comfort with those who understand the true you? When you are your genuine self you will resonate with people in a whole new way. Stop dragging your baggage with you and move forward from where you are. Accept your past and move quickly on to your best future. Evaluate your needs vs. your wants. Let go of the things that you’re dragging along. Quit fighting the current and just ride with the tide. Find your place. When you do, those who’ve traveled that path will celebrate your victory.

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