Episode 19 – Being Dadly with Hogan Hilling

Let’s get Dadly!

TW HootPlease welcome Hogan Hilling to the We RAD DADS podcast! Hogan has seen some hard times and weathered many storms as a dad. One might think this would have made him gruff, harsh and negative however Hogan has used his experiences to enlighten others on how dads can be extremely valuable parental figures. He has personally challenged the common paradigm that dads can’t parent. Not only has Hogan been a stay-at home dad care taking his three children, one of which a child with special needs; he has endured a bitter and insulting divorce that left him at the mercy of the judicial system slanted toward one particular gender. Through all of this Hogan has remained calm and collected, consistently putting first what matters most.

Hogan is the creator of the Dadly Rally and is a champion for dad’s equality in parenting. True to his character, Hogan does not discriminate against any parent due to gender and welcomes involved women parents into the Dadly cause as well. He is a true example for each of us to follow! (The Dadly Rally is happening on March of 2017  in Los Angeles California. For more information go to www.dadlyrally.com)

Listen to our conversation as we discuss Hogan’s winding path through life involving rediscovering his own dad as an adult and what he learned when they connected. This point alone shaped my perception of what it is to be an absent father… Sometimes the opportunity to be dad is taken away unjustly. (see link “Henk” below)

Show Notes:


6:29 – “I came out of the pantry”

11:01 – Follow your heart but use your head

17:47 – Stop the “dadsanity”, do it for the kids

20:51 – The simple joy of play

23:16 – Henk (link)

28:56 – Behaving Dadly

31:11 – Breaking the cycle

32:32 – Get comfortable being uncomfortable

34:29 – Living in the moment daddy

35:49 – The best things in life are free

40:08 – Looking at fatherhood through a child’s eyes

42:28 – Don’t beat yourself up. Reach out

47:48 – Fatherhood Issues don’t discriminate

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