Episode 22- Huck or Punt?

What or What?

In all honesty, I would hope I have made you ask yourself this question. (preferably out loud. I KNOW I’m not the only one doing this!… I digress)

TW hoot- Huck or Punt?-2I guess you’ll have to just listen to exactly what Huck is. But I will tease that the foundations; or building blocks, of Huck are the very same things we all struggle with while getting back up after becoming a single parent. Actually, they are the very things EVERYONE struggles with in some way shape or form. Personally, I find value in identifying, labeling and making a point of noticing the foundations for our actions (or inactions).

I suppose the inverse; or alternative, Punt is a well-known term. Punt entails a strategic maneuver wherein one realizes that the likelihood of continuing along the same path will probably end in a larger defeat than simply turning over the ball. It should be noted that “the game” NEVER ends with a punt. Frequently, a team who punts has just a good of a chance at winning as the team which does not. Frankly, it’s insignificant in the long run as it is simply just a strategy to accomplish the end goal.

I’m pretty sure teams do not ever plan to Punt before a game. However, Punt formation is something which is practiced until perfection JUST IN CASE they need to utilize it.

In both strategies; Huck and Punt, there is inherent risk and reward. Although I’d like to Huck my way through life I can’t always do so because it’s very risky even though the rewards could be great- it may also result in complete disaster. Conversely, I can’t continue to Punt my way through either because I’d avoid any hard decisions and there is little reward in it.

it is with a heavy heart that I discontinue the regular occurrence of my Thursday micro-sodes. Although I do not intend to quit, I am forced to Punt for the moment. I will still release micro-sodes and bonus episodes as warranted however they will be intermittent and not on a regularly recurring cycle.

Full-length episodes will still be released every Monday morning so the backbone of We RAD DADS podcast will remain intact. I vow to continue to bring resources to all non-traditional parents out there who have come to rely on We RAD DADS podcast.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding!

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