Episode 07 – Courage with Jason MacKenzie

Become invincible with Jason MacKenzie

Jason MacKenzieJason is a father of two girls. One a fledgling teenager and the other a tween. Jason has an incredible story to tell about his battles with bipolar disorder and alcoholism – trust me, it’s not what you think but it IS important to hear what he has to say.  Currently, he is a corporate employee, blogger, writer, and a speaker. Jason is living proof that you can overcome your circumstances. He found himself as an instant single Dad and left to pick up the pieces while holding a full-time corporate position and raising his then toddler daughters. Jason was able to hurdle these obstacles and turn his story into one of absolute victory when all but one had written him off.

As we all know, the amount of effort required to this is truly Herculean. Jason embodies this description in a physical manner as well. He attributes his recovery to the right type of challenges from a loving partner. Identifying a passion, a new path emerged. Jason capitalized on this newfound momentum and increasingly intriguing vocation.

Jason inspires hundreds daily, myself included. If you were looking to surround yourself with people who exemplify what it is to be a RAD DAD, Jason would be one of your first choices. I can’t say enough positive things about the man and I am confident that after you listen to this episode, neither can you. Please listen in as we deep-dive into the darkest chasms, persevere through the darkest of times and emerge a true warrior.

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4:32 – Home Sweet Home

5:59 – Comedy

6:42 – Context

9:37 – Get in shape

11:48 – Seeing crisis as opportunity

13:55 – Don’t judge, seek wisdom.

16:12 – Bombs; Bipolar Disorder and Alcohol

21:04 – The Justified Drinker

25:34 – Can’t outrun your demons

28:27 – Excuses and alcoholic crazy talk

30:42 – Being challenged in the right ways

35:17 – Cold turkey

42:26 – Lay down your shield

43:00 – Attracting genuine “you” to yourself

44:59 – Finding family through vulnerability

48:04 – My rock

54:39 – Curse

55:13 – Best Dad skill

55:56 – Blah Blah Blah

56:68 – Parent pet peeve

58:41 – What is possible?

1:00:20 – Lifelong learning

1:01:52 – Govinator

1:02:52 – Miracle morning

1:04:48 – Sick not weak Twitter: @SickNotWeak 

1:05:52 – Parting wisdom.

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