Episode 09 – Get up with Ken Jaquith

Achieving Perfection


Ken Jaquith
Ken Jaquith

Ken is a divorced father of 3 and takes extreme pride in being the absolute best Dad he can be. Ken has struggled with everything from an extremely flawed legal system to being admonished as a dad. Formerly a Vice President for a huge company Ken learned firsthand that corporate success rarely translates to personal success. Ken’s path; like most of us was going from bad to worse but fortunately, he happened upon some hope. Brooding in anger he sunk lower and lower until making the eventual observation that changed his course. Luckily, Ken was able to pull out of his crater but it’s never easy. Seeing his corporate job becoming less and less fulfilling and taking him away from his family for ever longer periods of time, Ken capitalized on a chance opportunity to be intentional about his future. Ken is using his experiences through divorce and the legal system to help others in the same situations he found himself in. He helps men avoid common pitfalls that often befall the unsuspecting divorced Dad as they often unknowingly become victims of their own self-destructive patterns. Please join us for this inspirational story and get connected with Ken to change your own path for the best.

6:08 – Back in the day

7:40 – Guy humor

9:35 – Journal & Legacy

12:23 – WRD Mantra

13:03 – Response vs. Reaction

15:00 – Single parent epiphany, Compassion

20:49 – Bomb Crater

24:39 – Common denominator

26:58 – Are you kidding me!?

32:28 – Epiphany by way of Dr. Steve Maraboli

36:48 – Circumstances = Success

38:18 – Rock

41:12 – Struggle to success www.thedivirceddadscoach.com

45:54  – Advice: Picture success

48:19 – Substitute for curse

48:59 – Favorite Age: Meet them where they’re at.

49:27 – Best Dad Skill

54:42 – Cornerstone Trait

56:14 – Lifelong learning.

57:02 – Motivation: Erick Thomas, Daren Hardy, Bruce VanHorn

58:54 – Get up and get on with it.

59:14 – Fathers Rights

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