Episode 11 – Being a purposeful Dad with Larry Hagner

Maintaining your edge with Larry Hagner


Larry and his boys
Larry and his boys

After his bomb Larry immediately set out to change himself and in so doing, began to help and change others. Larry is the founder of The Good Dad Project, a published author, and a skilled speaker. Through his quest to simply become a better father, he has touched the lives of thousands.

Larry is a fantastic example of what all RAD DADS should strive to become. His strategies for remaining manly and confident whilst practicing humility blends the best and most important skills that being a dad should entail.

Click here to get "The Dad's Edge"
Click here to get “The Dad’s Edge”

Larry is a married father of 4 boys and has leveraged his learning moments in order to build a life and a legacy we all should strive for. Larry speaks about being intentional and becoming the strong patriarch our families need.

Please join us for an interview that will lead you to some important questions which will help you along your journey. Positive changes start here!


2:51 – Get to know Larry Hagner

7:17 – Michael Jackson’s jacket

10:04 – Get to know http://sealfit.com

12:59 – Respond don’t react and own your mistakes

17:14 – What kind of father ARE you?

19:10 – New routine. Be there

22:36 – Dad at arm’s length

24:30 – “You’re just not showing up.”

25:08 – Rock bottom: Rebirth

28:45 – Pivot and shift accordingly

30:56 – Bounce back and take relief in action.

32:35 – I didn’t have a leg to stand on

34:35 – Dads with purpose, on purpose (How do you pronounce Meme?)

The Dad's Edge book
Click here to buy Larry’s book

36:58 – The Dad’s Edge

41:24 – Reach out without judgement

42:31 – You are NOT alone

47:59 – Favorite age for kids. “Tumultous-ness”

50:02 – Super power – Play

51:53 – Distraction and asking for help

53:00 – Kitchen safe XL

The Kitchen Safe XL
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53:26 – Parent fears

58:02 – Confidence and humility

1:00:49 – PSA

1:02:37 –  Gateway MS in St. Louis. http://www.nationalmssociety.org/Chapters/MOS.

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