Episode 10 – Lessons learned from Leeroy Jenkins

“…at least I have chicken.” -Leeroy Jenkins”

Teamwork and planning is essential but sometimes you have more challenges than you’ve accounted for.

At least you have chicken
At least you have chicken

Understand when it’s just a game convey this to your family with your actions. Trust me they’re watching and learning. Learn what you can, understand as best you can, crunch the numbers even but eventually you’ll have to jump in and take action.  There are moments where lack of success is necessary to progress through life. Lack of success is sometimes exactly what you need. Fail forward. Become comfortable with any unknown as best you can however, just know that as time passes so do your options. Now may be the best opportunity you’ll have. Take decisive action and give it your all.

“I never loose. I either win or learn.” – Nelson Mandella

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