Episode 39 – Silver linings with Marc Mawhinney

there-is-a-silver-lining-2From a fast paced career in real estate and connected 24 hours a day, to the housing market crash, divorce and a Hiroshima sized bomb crater. Marc Mahwinney came out on top despite all this and found a way to completely pivot life to find his true calling as a coach complete with a podcast.

Coparenting is difficult however Marc has found balance and we may have discovered a secret ingredient in your own happiness and it turns out it has nothing to do with you. …Weird right?

Marc delved into personal development at the right time despite being coerced in a different direction. His gut instinct was right and has proven a wise decision. He now lives as a successful and productive coparent and is available to his son at nearly any moment.

Listen in as we talk Barenaked ladies, homemade rafts, Think & Grow rich and baseball.

Talking points:

Barenaked ladies

Dumb and Dumber

Homemade raft story

Range of parenting – allowing kids to go wherever with out a leash

“life, It goes on”

Tuesday Aug 11, 2009

Seperation & Coparenting

Think and grow rich

Sales & coaching coaches

Don’t be a perfectionist

Time heals all

Taking pressure off

coparenting challenge – distance

“With every single challenge there is a silver lining – find it.”

You can do anything

Major league ballparks w son

Kids are best motivation I can have

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