Episode 38 – Tactical dad with Matthew Cochran

be-a-tactical-dad-2Please welcome Matthew Cochran to the We RAD DADS podcast. Matt is a Divorced dad, a former marine, a podcaster and soon-to-be-remarried blended dad. Currently, Matt has his hands full with 4 kids, a full-time job, and 3 media outlets – one of which being the MJC podcast.

Matt has some amazing takeaways and tactics that he was able to implement in order to recover from the devastation that unwanted divorce brings. Listen as we discuss how he was able to process his situation and put his family first. I am very happy that Matt has found his path in such a relatively short period of time and earnestly hope you can implement some of these strategies to get out of your own crater and move on. Please understand, however, being in a bomb crater has a purpose and we discover what happens when you try to circumvent a natural healing process like the 5 stages of grief.

Join us for: Tactical Dads, the light-switch effect of co-parenting, no longer being a victim, loss & silence, numbing, finding YOUR path & Matt’s tips for successful co-parenting.

Talking Points:

Religion & Politics

A tactical dad?

Single vs. Divorced

Gender roles in kids

What’s really important

Humor: 30 Rock

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

IP crowd

Hot fuzz/ Shawn of the Dead

The light-switch effect of co-parenting

“I am not a victim”

Be prepared, adapt & overcome

Bomb: loss & silence

“Not me, I won’t be a single dad”

Distraction, Isolation & Numbing

There is life after this.

Taking the kids out of the crossfire

The 5 stages of grief

Don’t bury a mine, deal with your 5 stages of grief.

Finding YOUR faith

Coparenting tip: Make it about the kids

Superpower: Communication

Weakness: Patience

Resource: Romans Chapter 8


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