Episode 56 – Unpacking emotion with Nell Daly

Kick back and check out who I’m talking to today. Nell Daly is an amazing wealth of information and an experienced voice of reason. Nell has the perfect combination of expertise, experience, humility and temperament to really drill down into what we all are going through as RAD DADS.

A now divorced mother of 3, Nell has huge accolades and an impressive background that bolsters her natural ability to communicate and inspire positive change.

Nell Gibbon Daly is a practicing psychotherapist, international keynote speaker, and writer.  She has appeared on television shows such as Entertainment Tonightand The Tyra Banks Show. Her expert advice has been featured in Selfmagazine, as a sex therapist, Time out New York, Glamour, and The Imperfect Parent.  Nell began speaking engagements in 2012 and has lectured at top-tier organizations like Google and New York University and TED X

This interview is a fundamental listen for all of us but especially for those of us who are struggling with ourselves in this new and uncomfortable environment. Nell unpacks genuine insight to creating the stable foundation you need in order to move forward from the depths of your own bomb crater.

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Talking points:


Don’t know what you don’t know

Pressure to be the provider

Consumers vs. producer

Podcasts and multitalsking

The Nell Daly show – March?

Story and psychology

Men struggling with their masculine identity

Self intimacy – understand yourself first

Self loathe and self love

Avoided pain robs us from important learning lessons

The benefit of open conversations and learning

Experiencing a range of emotions

Cover emotional anxiety results in Depression and Anxiety

Discovering hidden grief – The wound

Soul psychology

Francis Weller: author

A place for men to unpack their emotions

The need for tribe

“Feelings are not fixed states”

Being afraid to express emotions

Importance in unpacking your underlying emotions and how to do that


Kelly Brogan book: a mind of your own.

Living holistically

Radical Self Care – a commitment to take care of yourself every single day.

Nell Dating –  When should or shouldn’t goes out the door

The importance of a single journey from an expert

Find yourself, know yourself and be yourself

Curiosity and creativity

Elizabeth gilbert: big magic – book

the power in surrender and forgiveness

Nell weighs in on the “Dad bod”

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