Episode 23 – Still daddy with Cameron Bahan

The dude abides…

Hoot TwitterPlease help me welcome Cameron Bahan of stilldaddy.net. Cameron is a Florida based recently divorced single father of two. He’s a software developer by day and blogger by night at stilldaddy.net. He has recently been through the meat grinder and like me, has had a very difficult 2015. Listen to Cameron and I talk about moving completely across the United States, Rambo knives, Earthquakes, Hurricane parties and the dude abides…

Cameron; like myself and many others, is Continue reading Episode 23 – Still daddy with Cameron Bahan

Episode 22- Huck or Punt?

What or What?

In all honesty, I would hope I have made you ask yourself this question. (preferably out loud. I KNOW I’m not the only one doing this!… I digress)

TW hoot- Huck or Punt?-2I guess you’ll have to just listen to exactly what Huck is. But I will tease that the foundations; or building blocks, of Huck are the very same Continue reading Episode 22- Huck or Punt?

Episode 21 – Raising Men with Eric Davis

Effective leaders lead from the front

dont-be-rightEric is a 16 year veteran of the armed forces, a former member of an elite force known as Navy SEAL’s, perhaps you’ve heard of them. Eric is a commanding example of what a RAD DAD should be. As a divorced and now remarried father of 4 Eric defines leadership in a blended family. Eric has taken Continue reading Episode 21 – Raising Men with Eric Davis

Cue. You. Eye. Tee.


Exhausted as I sit here and type my first blog post. My fingers have stopped working and my hands are struggling to direct these limp sausage-like knuckled appendages toward the right keystrokes. I can’t straighten my hands and extend my fingers fully without that all too familiar painful resistance of fatigue and muscle soreness. This is only a short list of the physical conditions I’m currently experiencing.

Another hated 4-letter word
Another hated 4-letter word

I’ve been pushing as hard as I possibly can for some time now. I have been pushing both physically and mentally, expanding beyond my capacity for months now. I’ve been tweaking my routine to improve efficiency and production by giving up everything that can possibly drain me in a non-productive way. Things like getting up at 4:30am, taking cold showers, giving up alcohol, working 7 days a week, giving up coffee and sugar (for lent), giving up personal relationships, giving up television altogether, trading workout time for work time, minimizing personal time to a few minutes a day, and the list goes on.

To different people, the idea of personal optimization and hard work means different things. I think we all hold ourselves to Continue reading Cue. You. Eye. Tee.

Episode 20 – Life is too short

Cliche’ or apropos?

Past struggle does not guarantee future success. Your future is completely unwritten and could take any possible turn.

“Lost time is never found again.” -Benjamin Franklin

EP 20 - Life is too short-2DO NOT WAIT. Start RIGHT NOW and begin living the best life you possibly can. You never know how long you actually have to show your loved ones what they mean to you.

Leave your regrets and anguish behind and move forward in the Continue reading Episode 20 – Life is too short

Episode 18 – Recognition & Improvement

Mistakes happen. In fact, as a parent I think we can all relate- perhaps too well!

Recognition & Improvement-3Let’s face the facts here, sometimes life is about attempting not to fail. Occasionally, we can’t let go of  “learning moments” wherein we did a less-than optimal job.

Personally, I think this is a mark of Continue reading Episode 18 – Recognition & Improvement

Episode 17 – Inner strength with Dr. Laura Markham

Boy, do I have a treat for you this week!

Dr. Laura Markham
Dr. Laura Markham

Not only does We RAD DADS have our first female guest, but she is also our first professional guest as well. We have for you this week none other than THE Dr. Laura Markham.

Join Dr. Markham and myself as we discuss her upbringings and how her blended family dynamics shaped her into one of the leading experts in Clinical Psychology. Her relatable story and early experiences are directly applicable to any Continue reading Episode 17 – Inner strength with Dr. Laura Markham

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