The long awaited Resourses have begun to amass… The genesis of this page and the organization came from an email response to Dan Nelson who contacted me via email- thanking me for creating WRD.

Dan, we all have you to thank for this. Without your email this resource page would have been just another well intentioned thought bouncing around in my head.

 The WRD Facebook Group: 

Immediately behind the podcast itself, this resource is the holy grail for us RAD DADS seeking to connect about everyday challenges, lessons and wins. Often I have found that anyone who isn’t a non-traditional parent cannot appreciate the special hardships or little wins that rock our worlds on a regular occurrence.
THIS is our place to be open amongst those who truly understand what it is to be a RAD DAD in today’s world.
Help when you can, and let us help you through your tough spots without judgement. Please join us!


Obviously I have found a LOT of comfort (and knowledge and entertainment) in podcasts. Needless to say that I’m sufficiently addicted- which is the best addiction I think one can have! Check out some of these and don’t be afraid to start listening to others in a hobby/field of interest you may have. As with emotions I mentioned above, I found that Podcasts allow us to process our own emotions without being vulnerable to others; exactly what the proud, crippled male needs during and after his bomb. Furthermore this newfound resource ushers in the confidence we need to begin our life anew and better than ever. Here are some of my favorites/recommendations for you in no particular order.

Being a better Man podcast with Alf Herigstad:

Alf is a former guest of WRD (Ep: 42 parts 1 & 2) and a FANTASTIC storyteller. He’s got a TON of takeaways each week. Alf is an incredibly interesting person who is an incredible example of manhood. We should all aspire to demonstrate some of his character and values.

Digital Dads podcast with Brent Basham and Andrew Currie:

DD is a great podcast for understanding the landscape of technology our kids have at their fingertips. Often we as dads don’t understand it very well and need a bit of an edge. More than technology, DD also features interviews and other resources like the future of education and other cool caveats of Digital Dad-dom. Both Brent and Andrew are great fellas and I had the pleasure of recording an episode with them on DD about the Netflix series “Stranger Things”.

Order of Man podcast with Ryan Michler:

OOM is a quintessential “Man’s Man” podcast without all the douchebaggery. Ryan is a former guest (WRD Ep: 25) and a seriously RAD DAD. He’s shaping the “relaunch” of what it is to be a man in this day and age with all-but-lost concepts like integrity, values, leadership, ownership, responsibility, strength and honor (to name a mere few). Above all of this Ryan is an excellent guy, a natural leader and a true friend.

The Good Dad Project podcast with Larry Hagner:

The GDP is a fantastic podcast for men and fathers. Personal friend and former guest Larry Hagner  (WRD Ep: 11) is an absolutely amazing and inspiring guy. I’ve attended 2 masterminds with Larry and am currently his podcast producer. Our friendship brings true validity to the power of reaching out and building your networks. Nepotism aside GDP has on world-class guests and incredible takeaways that are impossible to ignore.

 The way I heard it podcast with Mike Rowe:

Well who wouldn’t like seasoned and factual nuggets of true historical stories delivered by the buttery-smooth voice of America’s champion for the common man? Simply put, this podcast is informative and succinct with the character and integrity you’ve come to expect with a man like Mike Rowe behind the mic.

The Art of Charm podcast with Jordan Harbinger:

This was one of the FIRST men’s self-help podcasts I ever listened to and it’s still my go-to. The AOC gang have been at it for a VERY long time (over 10 years) and after listening to just one episode it’s no surprise. Be sure to check out all of their shows (3x/week) including my favorite “Fan mail Friday”.

The Nerdist podcast with Chris Hardwick:

This is a definite indulgence of my inner nerd. Purely entertainment, this podcast features comic Chris Hardwick and he does not disappoint! About every flavor of guest comes through and Chris’ interviews are nonchalantly executed with a scientific precision of comedic timing, industry knowledge and general witty banter. Oddly enough, I “tune” in to relax yet I come away having learned something. Chris is the kind of guy I’d love to have a conversation with and it’s easy to see why.

 TED talks and the TED radio hour podcasts by NPR:

Technology Education & Development. Everything surrounding TED is an eye-opening pleasure. Learning and exploring hasn’t been this fun and portable since- ever.

The Mindset Mountain podcast with Jason “J-Boom” Leegard & Eddie Aguilar:

MM is exactly what it says, the proper mindset to accomplish HUGE things. Jason and Eddie run the show with full transparency and authenticity to spare. They have built and re-built their show to showcase true, absolute and raw power everyone has in affecting change in their own lives. I reached out to Jason when I lost my last job and he has helped me build WRD through his direct and indirect assistance. Eddie is a friend and guest of WRD (Ep:15). Even after helping me through these hard times they jumped through hoops to showcase my story on their platform. This was an amazing opportunity and I’m blessed to have them in my corner.

The Real Dad show podcast with Rocco DeLeo:

TRDS is as raw and real as they come. This faith-based podcast features the absolutely un-flappable and un-sinkable personality of Rocco DeLeo. Rocco’s unbelievable bomb crater re-forged the show to it’s current platform and he does a great job of being enlightening, informative and just plain entertaining. I had the distinguished honor to be a guest on TRDS and tell my story just as Rocco graciously shared his mind-blowing bomb story with us (WRD EP: 29). 

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In addition to setup and introductory coaching I have a KIT for beginning podcasters.
If you’re interested in starting your own podcast, this is a great starter kit that I have assembled after much trial and error. You won’t find better value elsewhere.
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