Episode 29 – Getting real with Rocco Deleo


I can no longerRocco DeLeo is strength incarnate. His story will floor you as you see yet another example of what a RAD DAD truly is.
Rocco is a fellow podcaster and while life was going along smoothly the wheels came off abruptly when the horrifically unthinkable surfaced. Join us as we discuss Rocco’s story to this point. We discuss the elements of his “quick” turn-around and how they are deeply rooted in appropriate mindset, faith, acceptance positivity coupled with appropriate action. The nuggets are a-plenty as we continue to deep dive into the power of mindset and taking positive action!

Join us for Mini-trucks, SQUIRREL!!, Pope John Paul II, accountability, presence, and self-discipline as well as understanding the power of your authentic voice and venerability.

Talking points:


Flaming Mini-trucks & Stereo equipment

Clark Griswold

Church lawn-jobs

Trail running = therapy

Exhaustion & faith through tragedy

Not living reactively

Pope John Paul II

Being the example to your kids

The importance of being a patriarch

A hierarchy of importance

Valued genuine conversations

Developing appropriate sensitivity

Romans 8:28

Fostering and keeping good company

Dad Skill: Goofy dad

Struggle: Managing being present with accountability

Keep dreaming, 2nd chances & taking action

Self discipline

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