065 – Steady like a rock with Ryan Hamilton

Join me as I make a “return” to podcasting with my guest Ryan Hamilton of the Life of Dad. Ryan has endured some hard times starting with a rough relationship with his son’s mother which culminated in divorce, market crash and job loss – at the same time.

It got pretty rough for a while as Ryan contemplated ending all the suffering however he’s much stronger than that. Deciding instead to fight he was given the opportunity to work with friends in creating Life of Dad.

Join us for Geological euphemisms and plenty of great inspiration. Hear how Life of Dad saved this dad’s life and how raising an autistic son only heightened his desire to become an excellent co-parent and dad. Ryan’s secret to his success as a RAD DAD is working on himself in order to attain success in his own life, only then did he see progress in other areas.

Huge thanks to Ryan and the crew at Life of Dad for helping make this interview happen. If you want to know more about Life of Dad please check out the links below including the link where I was the featured guest on the Life of Dad podcast. Much thanks guys!

Intro and outro for this episode were created via Facebook Live and I’d love to feature YOU. Be sure to join the discussion at the We RAD DADS Facebook group.


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