Episode 52 – Know your limits


know-your-limitsWelcome RAD DADS! Today we celebrate the close of season 1 of the We RAD DADS podcast.

Fear not! WRD is not going anywhere and I’m excited to say that my hiatus will allow me time to provide more and better resources, communication, and platforms to provide even more help to us RAD DADS when enduring hard times.

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Resources page update: Sincere Thanks to Dan Nelson for prompting the resources page.

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Know your limits


Christmas approaches, are you ready?




To give too much of a thing to (someone); inundate .”They were overwhelmed by the smell of a rancid diaper”

Wasn’t being the RAD DAD I wanted.

Yet I continued trying to push my way though- that’s what men do.

Continued ignoring signs.

Worried sick about providing

Take care of yourself

Isolated, worked harder and continued to push.

“Life isn’t going to stop because you want (or need) a timeout”

“never give up” and “failure isn’t an option”

Palpatations, dizziness and diaphoresis

What the heck is “down time”

Important to schedule time for yourself

Hiking: felt awesome, slept under stars, fresh air, worked for reward, sunrise time-lapse on Instagram…. felt guilty

Continued pushing in all directions as hard as I can

During a recording of WRD…

Who was going to find me? would they find me?

A heart attack?


Come a long way in this year

  • Rejected from a construction job
  • Started out on my own
  • Developed coparenting relationship
  • Started my own maintenance company
  • Starting podcast production company

An excellent bill of health

prognosis: anxiety…?

Accepting the Challenges that come with my new trajectory

Oxygen mask:

my goals in Created and developed WRD

  •  YOUR resource
  • YOUR comfort
  • YOUR emotional crutch
  • YOUR roadmap… I do this because I know there are guys out there who desperately need OUR help.

Hiatus – Finale of WRD season 1

I am considering coaching and masterminds/partnership- are you interested? walter@weraddads.com

I am continuing to record shows and produce content.

Intend on continuing to improve WRD and grow our community

will improve website (resources page) and continue to create original content such as

New microsodes

Swiss cheese



How to meet men… wait.. what?


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