Episode 05 – Grace with Steve Austin

Finding grace with Steve Austin

Steve AustinSteve is a true testament to overcoming personal devastation. Although you would never know it by the charisma in his voice, Steve is a true survivor and has persevered through multiple challenges starting at just 4 years old. Growing up in the Birmingham Alabama area Steve brings a unique experience of what life in

the “bible belt” has to offer. As a writer, speaker, author and blogger; Steve has been published by names like Huffington Post and the Good Dad Project. Steve is a survivor of an attempted suicide and now is a voice for those cumulative lessons learned from a life of shame, denial, depression and post traumatic stress. Steve speaks of the harsh road that recovery has been, his experiences in therapy and the positive impact it has made in his life. Steve attributes his survival, sanity and recovery to the loving support from his wife Lindsey. Steve points out the crucial importance of surrounding yourself with only the right type of people and dolls out extremely important advice for those seeking to reach out for help. In this episode we discuss very controversial topics however it is still PG rated. Steve is finding that grace is messy and unique to those who experience it. Keep an open mind as we talk about how grace can be found both outside and inside a religion. Don’t let your aversion to these topics keep you from hearing the valuable nuggets we have to offer you. Please join us for this amazing conversation.

6:37 – Signing telephone calls

9:40 – Wash your hands Aunt B.

11:05 – Not funny/Merthiolate

14:47 – 90% reacting to 3 things

16:46 – Grace is (too) messy/ uncomfortable truths

19:36 – Difficult conversation no-one is having courageworks.com


21:39 – “Me too”

24:04 – Bomb within a Bomb

25:08 – Lay it on us man

32:36 – “… and that’s when I woke up in the hospital.”

34:55 – Identity: not what we do but who we are

37:15 – Connecting the dots to recovery

39:39 – Words of advice

40:38 – A new path

41:31 – “You’re dying doofus!”

45:59 – Community

46:58 – “I don’t belong in here with all these crazy people!”

52:32 – Judgement in a place where it doesn’t happen

55:44 – “I hardly ever think about it”

59:33 – Things remembered when I’m taking my last breath

1:01:41 – Cussin’ Christian

1:02:10 – Right now

1:04:15 – Cornerstone

1:06:18 – Teleportal advice

1:08:06 – Love thy neighbor

1:10:06 – The Wellhouse. the-wellhouse.org

1:09:20 – iamsteveaustin.com. @iamsteveaustin. facebook.com/graceismessy

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