Episode 26 – Overcoming Grief with Steve Harrington

Dealing with loss and becoming your own Man

“Work harder AND smarter.”

Work harderSteve is a mountain of a man and has been faced with adversity throughout his life. His successes
can be directly attributed to his circumstances while growing up and coming of age. This was one of the most emotional interviews I have ever done but one of the most rewarding as well. I feel humbled as Steve bestowed his life wisdom on us all. This episode is a must listen!

Talking points


– It’s funny now

– Mantra

– Respect

– Bomb

– Incredible strength, The big picture

– We all have a cross to bear

– Dealing with the past and finding resolution


– Turning your focus from past to future

– Clem

– Giving back

– Processing emotions and teaching

– Quick Q&A

– Tele-port advice

– Muscular Dystrophy Association. mda.org

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