Episode 13 – Fit to be dad with Steve Roy

Fitness isn’t just physical with Steve Roy.


Steve Roy
Steve Roy aka singledadfitdad.com

Steve Roy (aka singledadfitdad) is a shining example of renewal after “downfall”. Steve is making men’s lives better every day with his personal mission to help others using his own relevant experiences.

Like many of my guests Steve “had it all”. The job, the house and the family, everything that we’ve been told to want. His life exploded one day after a period of struggle when he was asked to leave the home and family he  sacrificed to build. An overwhelming sense of loss ensued as he transitioned back into simply surviving. Finding himself alone with nothing but time to reflect, he stopped caring for himself. Like so many, Steve KNOWINGLY succumb to terrible habits and fell deeper into the bomb crater.

Blaming others and shirking responsibility Steve had a chance encounter with a friend who called him on his selfish thinking. This blunt interaction immediately led to an A-Ha moment which immediately led to active changes- starting with a grueling 7-minute run.
The irony here is that Steve makes a living as a fitness instructor, yet was not leading by example. Once this epiphany was made there was no stopping him.
Steve unleashed the person within and began singledadfitdad.com. His physical and mental metamorphosis was immediate and noticeable within a month.

This result is a direct result of finding true purpose and aligning it with your true self. His words of wisdom and stories resonate on many levels with us all. Come be inspired to re-create yourself by harvesting only the best in your life and moving forward from where you are to EXACTLY where you want to be. Let’s take those steps together!

Come and join us for the full story the up’s and downs of becoming singledadfitdad.com.

Show Notes:

3:32 – Get to know Steve Roy

6:38 – No longer single, fit dad.

7:59 – Parental equality

9:00 – Video games, Hero’s quest

11:20 – “Kick his ass Seabass!”

11:56 – Confusion and anger met with a mother’s tireless love.

14:28 – You can be a man AND have emotions

17:09 – Can’t control other people

20:25 – Bomb: Asked to leave the life he created

23:28 – Not so blindsided

24:12 – Why is daddy never smiling?

26:55 – Brutal truth and change

30:47 – “Get busy living or get busy dying”

32:06 – Live for you

33:35 – Finding a new way to live

35:32 – Gary Vanerchuck

36:35 – How many men can I help?

40:18 – Self sufficiency

40:30 – Patience

43:30 – Yosemite

45:39 – Honest and open communication

44:13 – DIC-tator parents

46:45 – Correlation between learning and living

47:19 – What can YOU give?

49:22 – Take care of yourself first

55:46 – Connect with Steve

48:11 – Find happiness within




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