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Hello, I am your host Walter Eggers. Walter Eggers and his sonI am a very happy single dad who is excited to bring you something that isn’t offered ANYWHERE else, wisdom for non-traditional Dads.

How do I find my footing and move forward from here?

Have you found yourself asking this question? I did and It was one of the hundreds that spun around and around relentlessly in my head, never finding an answer.

Among the strife and wreckage of my own bomb crater, I recognized one sole truth: The ONLY thing that’s important in life is providing the absolute best atmosphere and life for my son, providing for my own well-being and continuing to move forward –but how do I do that from here?

Recognize what’s truly important and let everything else go

What I was building, what I had planned, where I was going and everything I WAS all blew up and had taken my sense of self-worth with it;  save one thing- my son. He is THE primary reason for my existence and can not fail to provide for him.

Physically and mentally broken, fighting with his mom, feeling ostracized from my circle of “friends,” out of work, in debt, quickly running out of money, time, options and now; all of a sudden, a newly single dad. I had a world of worries on my mind and they had only gotten worse to that point. …Perhaps worry was the very problem.

Worry and solitude are your enemy- as they were mine

When my life blew up I intentionally sought solitude to process my exploded life. I wasted months to years in this place alone trying to reason my own way through my own struggles. And what happened? I got nowhere, I realized no resolution, I only ruminated the same questions around and around in my own head. I was literally driving myself crazy. I did not have the roadmap of knowledge or perspective to navigate these problems or a trusted community to support me. What I sought most was valuable wisdom from people who have already navigated this difficult time. I wanted to truncate the anguish and minimalize the impact it had on my son, my family and my life as a whole.

And so I created We RAD DADS.

To answer the questions we have and provide each of us with a roadmap to where we’d like to go; toward resolution, toward healing toward hope and peace. I would hope; like me, you have decided to live an intentional life. It’s time we map out exactly where you want to be and begin your trek TODAY. Don’t wait for permission, seize control of your life and take action. Start moving towards the life you desire one day at a time.

If you don’t start, you’ll never finish.

I’m so happy you’ve found us and I hope to be everything you need. If you find ANY value in what we offer here, PLEASE SHARE WITH A FRIEND. Should you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to connect with you.

That’s what WE’re here for.

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Keep fighting the good fight.

Stay Up, Stay Connected & Stay RAD DADS!

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